Shareable Cities Summit – Nov. 7th at PSU 6:30-8:30PM


One of the fastest ways we can bring a new resilient society into being here in Cascadia is to begin meeting our neighbors and sharing resources. Take a few hours out of your day on Thursday, Nov. 7th and learn about the current sharing economy. Free and limited to the first 100 participants. GET YOUR TICKET.
PSU Smith Memorial Student Union
Rm 338

Steve Gutmann – Business Development
Getaround Mira Luna – Organizing Director
Shareable, Rob Toews – Chief Technology Officer
TrustCloud Peter Newell, Chief Technology Officer
Bright Neighbor Sam Brier – Sharing Expert Airbnb (formerly)
Randy White – Founder, Bright Neighbor

Join them for the first ever Sharing Economy summit in the Pacific Northwest! Add your experience to the conversation with a panel of Sharing Economy experts as they explore the innovations, challenges, and opportunities presented by the explosion of peer-to-peer sharing. Sponsored by and

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